No Code workflow Engine. Simple to Use. No Lockin.

Its 2023, Creating a daily signup report on your own database landing in your team's inbox and Slack should be easy. But, it isn't!

Turbocharge your workflows
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Wish there was a no code tool that could connect directly to my database and

Create Queries and workflows

  • No Code UI over data in your database
  • Make segments with these queries and use it for workflows, reports or alerts!
  • Run your workflows on scheduled intervals, click or APIs.

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Schedule Product communications, drip campaigns, reminders in seconds

  • Create drip, onboarding, communication emails
  • Send them to target segment at scheduled interval
  • Measure your clicks, opens, etc.

No Lockin. I don’t have to switch back to code as we scale

  • We only connect to your data source so your data stays with you.
  • No duplication, no compliance issues.
  • Switch to any other platform as you see fit.

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Find 100's of Connectors in Microbots
Multiple connectors

Connect to your preferred data source and email/sms/whatsapp providers

No Data Lockin in Microbots
No Lockin, data stays with you

Your data will never be transferred to our servers keeping you always data compliant

Add Code Blocks in Microbots
Add business logic as you see fit

You can add more functionality using code blocks apart from existing nodes.

How Microbots Works?

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Connect Data Source & Service Providers in Seconds

  • Connect with Mongo, MySQL
  • Connect with Stripe, Hubspot
  • Connect with SES, Netcore
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Interactive Communication Builder

  • Choose from existing templates or build your own
  • Send Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Slack, etc
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Builder to create Segments on Database Fields

  • Choose your database
  • Select fields and enter the values to create segment
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Workflow Builder

  • Choose when to run
  • Select template and segment
  • Here, you have an automated communication engine

Microbots Features Summary

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Database Connection

Connect data source in a few clicks

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Provider Connections

Connect to your email sender

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NoCode Workflows

Build without writing any code

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Prebuilt Email/Whatsapp/Text templates

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Setup as API schedule job

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Are you tired of your development teams wasting time on mundane tasks that can be automated?

With Microbots, Free up your development team
allowing them to focus on bigger projects and higher-value tasks

Own Your Data