With Microbots, Make Data Work for You.

Learn more on how our no-code platform helps you quickly and easily create automated process flows on your database that can take care of a variety of tedious tasks.

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How Microbots Can Serve You?

Connect to Mongo and SES

  • Connect with Mongo
  • Connect with SES

Build Your Segment

  • Make rules on database fields
  • Save segment to use in workflow

Create Email

  • Interactive Email builder
  • Preview and Test send

Workflow Builder

  • Choose when to run
  • Select template and segment
  • Here, you have an automated communication engine
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Realtime Analytics

  • Get Sent and Delivered numbers
  • Get Open and Clicks based on provider

Microbots Features Summary

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Database Connection

Connect data source in a few clicks

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Provider Connections

Connect to your email sender

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NoCode Workflows

Build without writing any code

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Prebuilt Email/Whatsapp/Text templates

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Setup as API schedule job

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Are you tired of your development teams wasting time on mundane tasks that can be automated?

With Microbots, Free up your development team
allowing them to focus on bigger projects and higher-value tasks

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