Powerful Workflow Engine that Converts Your Data into Action.

With Microbots, you can create any workflow without relying on your developers. No need to sync with other tools. Easily access your DB right away!

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Power Marketing Communications

Segmented Campaigns

  • No-Code query builder on your database
  • Schedule and send Email, SMS or Whatsapp to re-engage your audience

Drip or Onboarding Emails

  • Plan your email campaigns based on the stage of the user in your product journey
  • Send timely reminders to your users for trying out new features if untried

Reminders to users who dropped off

  • Send SMS or Whatsapp to users who left the form in between
  • Send communication to users who left the order or cart

Power Team Alerts and Reports

Send Slack notification at lower orders or signups

  • Put a tap on your preferred metric
  • Send an email/slack team alert in case of major changes

Send customized report to team members

  • Quickly build reports from our UI
  • Schedule daily/weekly/monthly report for your team members on their preferred channel.

Microbots Features Summary

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Database Connection

Connect data source in a few clicks

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Provider Connections

Connect to your email sender

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NoCode Workflows

Build without writing any code

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Prebuilt Email/Whatsapp/Text templates

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Setup as API schedule job

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Are you tired of your development teams wasting time on mundane tasks that can be automated?

With Microbots, Free up your development team
allowing them to focus on bigger projects and higher-value tasks

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